David "DaVo" Wilkins has been an active member of the Des Moines Punk and Music scene since the mid 1980s. Growing up in Des Moines he was faced with two main states of mind, "Why?" and "It will never work." His answer to both has always been, "Why the fuck not."  Always attracted to underground and sub-cultures as a teenager he was an active BMX Freestyler and Skateboarder and started his own trick team Flyin' N Stylin' at age 14 and went on to do a number of Demos throughout Iowa including two years at the Iowa State Fair. 


Paul Gray

Paul was born and raised in Los Angles, CA and moved with his family to Des Moines in the early 90s. He was active in the Runway since in the early 90s and was in a number of bands including Vexx, Body Pit, and Inveigh Catharsis and promoted shows at the Runway, Hairy Mary's and Z International. He was originally a guitar player but couldn't seem to get into a band. Until one day he over heard some people talking at a music store about needing a bass player. He told them that he was a bass player though he had never played bass before.


Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison was born and raised in the Des Moines area. Often counted as one of the top ten best drummers in the world, he started playing when he was 5 years old and began his musical career playing in a number of metal bands that revolved around the Runway scene and filling in from time to time on Drums with his stepdad's Dixieland Jazz band the Maple Street Jazz Band. Though not nearly as well known for his guitar playing, he began playing guitar when he was 6. 


Brian DuBay

Brian DuBay was born and raised in Des Moines and was an active member of the music scene in Des Moines throughout the 1990s. Mainly as a fan but when he took up bass, he began open jams on the weekends at his house. DaVo had worked with Brian with a number of different guitarists and drummers between 1993 and the forming of The Have Nots in 1996.


Greg Welts

Greg Welts is from Southern California and was part of the early 80s O.C. Punk scene playing drums in a number of bands including Mad Parade and Organized Crime. He was also a tattoo artist.

For a short time he lived in Des Moines in 1995 but didn't stay for long. It was DaVo's offer for a job working at the Axiom that brought him back to Des Moines and lead to him being the drummer for The Have Nots. 


Little John

John Aagard joined The Have Nots when he was only 16 years of age as a replacement for Joey. When he was brought into the band a new drummer had also been auditioned who's first name was also John. To avoid confusion John became Little John and the Drummer became Big John or One Shoes John. The Drummer would only play one show thankfully and would discover he was not in the band when he found out that Joey was playing drums with us before Greg's return. However John would stay with the band from April 1996 until band broke up.


Rob Ogg

Rob Ogg has been an active member of the Des Moines Punk, Hardcore and Metal scene since the early 1990. Know as the Man in Too Many Bands, often as many as 8 at one time. Over the years he has played with Resin, Hunger Pains, Make Your Mark, and Skin Of Earth to name just a few, Rob is also a Tattoo Artist at Union Station in West Des Moines.

Rob took played guitar in the 2016 shows and played a large part in the reforming of the Have Nots. He was not only a support of the original Have Nots but a close personal friend to a majority of the members.


Jordan Josephsen

Jordan has been an active member of the Des Moines Punk and Ska scene since the 1990s. He has played in a number of local bands including Suburban Scum, Knucledown, The Mutts, Circlepit Assholes, Through Hard Times,  Make Your Mark and Jewel Thieves. 

Jordan played guitar at the two 2016 shows and save our collective asses by coming in at the last minutes and figuring out some of the lost songs. 


Quinn Bottenfield

Quinn is the Youngest member of the reformed Have Nots and DaVo's son. Is it surprising that growing up with DaVo as a parent that he gained a love for Punk. He filled in on bass after a number of years of lessons and sneaking in Punk Covers into the many Rock Bands he was involved in.

He's currently living in Des Moines, working almost as much as his dad and taking a few classes. 


Darren Stout

Darren has been an active member of the Des Moines Punk and Metal scene since the 1980s. Drumming for countless bands including Welfare Skate, A Child's Trust in God, flesh and Bood, Ritual of Agony, and Hunger Pains.