Ah, the Have Nots love songs.

Chicken Hawk was about Greg, plain and simple. At the time he was 31 or 32 and messing around girls still in high school. Joey wrote the music and we thought the short cover of TSOL's Code Blue in the center because Joey wanted to have a slow part but nothing seemed to be working. In a way it is our ode to the Vandals including the aping the drumming style of Josh Freeze. 

Dancing on Graves was Paul's masterpiece. At first known as the hoppin song and often was mistaken for Stepping Stone. It's about falling in love with what you think is the most beautiful women in the world and then finding out she a lying cheating cunt. In the end what burns you the most is that the quickness in which she moves on and how calculated it was.


Chicken Hawk:


Sure I love you

but you can't get into the bar

so I'll swing by your house

and we'll fuck in my car



Come her little chickie, here's a candy bar

Come her little chickie, I'm twice your age

Come her little chickie, hell, I might be your dad (hell, Greg

might be your dad)

Come her little chickie, cause I'm a chicken hawk.


Come home with me

we won't go to far

we'll play spin the bottle

and naked movie star


Chorus then TSOL's Code Blue


Soon I'll get sick of you

then I'll start in on your friends

of course I'll lie about

and you'll fuck me in the end



Dancing on Graves:


In a winter of discontentment

with the music out of key

I fell into a state of destruction

and the arms of impurity


She's a picture of perfection

keeps every tiny thought in place

While my mind is a cluttered

with emotions she'll never trust



She's-Fucking Strangers

while I'm-sleeping alone

She's-dances on graves

while I'm out of her life


At 2 O clock in the morning

she looks like a train wreck to me

wrapped in the arms of a new

in his eyes I see the innocence I lost