The lyrics are a combination of about 10 other songs I wrote. We have all known someone that no matter what they do, they never admit their crime or seem to be held accountable for their actions. These song is about one of the most effective ways to avoid accountability, tearing down the credibility of everyone around you. throw shit talking they divert all the negative attention to others while all the while coming off as a "good friend".

This was the first song that Joey wrote for The Have Nots. I came up with the chorus first because I liked the sound of "tion" and the uses of the idea of playing with character assassin vs enlightenment. The idea that maybe they didn't even understand what they were doing. The verses are a combination of a number of different lyrics that I had written before hand. I think this was Paul's favorite song and often he would request to sing the second verse when we played live. 


Alcoholic loop holes

Inside self denial

deadend heroes

suspension complied



Who needs salvation?

who needs compassion?

who needs realization?

when you've got character assassins


beat me with kindness

rip me off with soft praise

manufacture truth in a realistic haze