One thing that always stuck out in my head was a quote from the film 'In Cold Blood', it basically was that the two killers wouldn't have killed that family in Kansas. It was the combination of the two killer's personality that created a third personally that committed the crime. During my teens and early twenties there were a few people that when I interacted with them, we created a third personality. That personality was often aggressive, evil and found a great deal of joy in having fun at the expense of others. 

I wrote this song a long time ago I think in like 92 or 93 after spending a night at the Old Hairy Mary's drinking too much. I had ran into someone from my past and they weren't really happy with some of the bridges that I had burned mainly because they were on one of them that went up in flames. I won't go into details because it really didn't matter. For some reason I felt no remorse for what had happened and in a way I felt kind of proud of it and as the night progressed I couldn't help but wonder where some of those enablers, producers of bad ideas and petty criminals that I had called friends had gone. The truth was some moved away, some I alienated,  others in prison or simply vanished. This song was my Ode to them and the adventures, right or wrong, that we had had and the realization that they would never return.


I had the melody of this song in my head when I wrote the lyrics and after singing it to Joey & Paul a few times and they wrote the music.



We were the kings of the scene

kids just barely 19

fucking away are dreams

we were punk rock rebels

looking for trouble

at home in the rubble




but all that's left is a pile of broken glass

and a lot of memories

so I'll sit here tonight

and have another pint

and try to forget yesterday


We were at our best on self destruct

living in excess

we were living in hell

distend to fail

with time to kill




But in this day and age the kids lack the rage

and fails by comparison

I lived on the edge

and I've kept what I pledge

and I'm still here

even though-chorus