This was the first song we wrote and I got the virus and the chorus mixed up and didn't figure it out until we hit the studio.

At the time there was a great deal of talk about saving the children with the V chip and other state supported methods. The V Ship was required to be installed in TV set to allow parents to block content that their children could watch. It's about the reduction of freedom of speech in the name of saving the children. I think it might be even more relevant now when you consider the amount of surveillance that is taking place to guard US citizen against the threat of terrorism. The question always being how much individual privacy and freedom should be given up to insure safety.

This song was also the theme song for the Public Access show Recline of Midwestern Civilization that I hosted with Lanny and Randy. The show featured footage of bands that we recorded at Safari and us doing drunken intros.

Big Brother knows best
got a V-chip in his Chest
Cultural genocide, freedoms suicide
death society no identity
Angry Drones with nothing new to say

It just rots away, more, more, more Decay(4x)

IRS date rape wrapped in red tape(2x)