Often this was referred to the as the slow song. I got the idea of this song from this lady in this Store back in 93 complaining about the manager not wanting to take responsibility for the price of milk. She just kept saying over and over, "Pass the buck, pass the Blame."

Not only is it a basic statement about the social issues of modern society but the blatant lack of anyone being welling to accept responsibility or be held accountable. I've always felt that it lead to a felling of complete hopelessness and my synical side thinks that it's intentionally designed that way to keep the status quo. 


There's a billion people out there
with broken hearts and stories to tell
but just living day by day
telling everyone there doing swell

Pass the Buck, Pass the Blame(2x)
Bury the Rage

The Air is poisoned in utopia
The streets are filled with drugs
Murder rules the world
and your kids are raised by thugs

Everyone you know is lost
tip toeing to a silent death
all in search of new escape
or a cheap trill to help you forget