Lyrics have always been important to me and with Punk Rock especially there each song always seemed like a little manifesto in itself. Granted some songs are just silly but each has a story behind it and each tries to smelter down to a story or emotion. Most of my lyrics were written in part years before. I used to write little pieces or whole songs of lyrics on anything that happened to be handy from the inside of cigarette wrappers to typed out on my old manual Underwood typewriter.  

By the time that I started working with Paul and Joey I had a 3 ring binder full of complete or partly done lyrics. When we wrote, it would usually start with Paul and Joey working out the song structure and me ablibbing the lyrics to get the structure, meter and vibe down. Usually, I would come up with a chorus and then work backwards. Then I would strip mine a number of songs to come up with the verse.  The exception being songs like Forget Yesterday where I hummed the melody and sang the song to Joey.

Here is the lyrics and story behind the songs that appeared on the Demo. We wrote a number of songs after the Demo that were to the best of my knowledge never recorded and are lost to time. They included Justine, No Life No Future, The Trial, and Quick and the Dead. Most of them I can remember a little of the intro and the chorus but would be hard pressed to come up with the rest of it.