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The Have Nots were formed by David "DaVo" Wilkins and Paul Gray in the Spring of 1996 and were a staple of Safari and the Des Moines Music Scene. Over the roughly 20 months that they existed they played opened for countless national acts including Fastball, Murphy's Law, Quincy Punx, Apocalypse Hoboken, Mercy Rule, Blanks 77 and countless others. Though it was a punk band it featured three current or future members of Slipknot Paul Gray (Guitar), Joey Jordison (Guitar) and Greg "Babyface" Welts (Drums). Round out the line up was long time promoter/talent buyer and old ass punker David "DaVo" Wilkins(vocals) and Brian DuBay on Bass.  A majority of the music was written by the same team that would create a majority of the music of Slipknot Paul and Joey with DaVo supplying the lyrics and some input on the music.

Though this site host a much longer version of the Band's History here's a quick version:

  • Formed in early 1996.
  • Recorded their Demo and played their first show in April or May of 1996.
  • Joey left the band in February of 97 sighting that his side-project Slipknot was taking up too much of his time.
  • John aka "Little John" took over Joey's duties.
  • Greg moved away and moved back a number of times while the band went through a couple of drummers including Joey sitting in a few times.
  • DaVo decided it call it quits in October of 1997 mainly because Paul's side-project called Slipknot was taking up way too much of his time.

Though there has been countless talk over the year between DaVo and Paul of reforming nothing really ever came of it. However, spurred on by countless request over the years and with the blessing of a majority of the members once again the rare and long out of print 1996 Demo is planned to be released in the first quarter of 2013. If you are interested in a copy please stay tuned for release information.


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What follows is a long and often rambling history of The Have Nots by DaVo. For those of you that have read the older version that was, this is a revised version that covers his first attempts to get a band off the ground in Des Moines to meeting Brian DuBay, Paul Gray, Greg Welts, Joey jordison joining the band to the bands last show.

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Little John






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Have Nots 1996 Demo coverWe recorded the whole thing live in studio at Junior's Motel in Otho, Iowa. Most of the songs were done in one take and there was only a few dubs. It was recorded in the summer of 1996 and mixed a few months later by Joey, Paul and the sound engineer. I think we had booked 8 hours but due to everyone over sleeping we only had about 6 hours. If I remember it only cost us around $300 or so.

It was a very direct and to the point experience. We pretty much just set up, played and listened to the play back and then went on to the next song. The set up was analog and in fact it has a bit of a history with the Beach Boys and a few others in the 70s. Not much thought really went into it, in fact the order of the demo is the order we recorded the thing in.

There were only a hundred of these made as far as I know. At one point we were talking about pressing a two song single but due to money problems and just plain old fashion laziness, it never happened. The Demo is sold out and have been for a while. This is about the only place where you will find it. One of the odd things about the demo is that Paul had broke the top two tuning pegs off his guitar and did the whole thing, including the solos on Johnny Hit & Run Pauline with only the bottom four strings. All the track were recorded with Paul and Joey on guitar, Brian on Bass, Greg on Drums and me on Vocals, except Johnny Hit And Run Pauline which had Joey on Drums and Greg singing the first two verses and me singing the last.

Back cover text 
Booking, Fan Mail, etc contact DaVo at the Axiom/412 1/2 E. 5th
Des Moines, Iowa 50309 or (515)246-0414
For Lyrics send SASE to the Axiom
All songs by the Have Nots except Reaction by Jay Brumett
'Code Blue' by TSOL, Published by American leson Music BMI
Johnny Hit and Run Paulene by X John Doe and Exene, Published by 812 Music BMI
Recorded at Juniors Motel Records - Otho, Iowa
Engineered by Brad Hecks
Produced by the Have Nots
Photos by Erich Ernst
Graphics by cLoWn
Thanks to
Ma and Pa DuBay, The Crew at Safari, Slipknot, Spank, 
Joey Hollywood(The man that even makes our shit sound good)
All the Bands we've played with, especially Victims Anonymous
Fast Ball, Going To Grandmas and the Chicken Hawks
All of Yous that thinks you should be on here and then some.


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Lyrics have always been important to me and with Punk Rock especially there each song always seemed like a little manifesto in itself. Granted some songs are just silly but each has a story behind it and each tries to smelter down to a story or emotion. Most of my lyrics were written in part years before. I used to write little pieces or whole songs of lyrics on anything that happened to be handy from the inside of cigarette wrappers to typed out on my old manual Underwood typewriter.  

By the time that I started working with Paul and Joey I had a 3 ring binder full of complete or partly done lyrics. When we wrote, it would usually start with Paul and Joey working out the song structure and me ablibbing the lyrics to get the structure, meter and vibe down. Usually, I would come up with a chorus and then work backwards. Then I would strip mine a number of songs to come up with the verse.  The exception being songs like Forget Yesterday where I hummed the melody and sang the song to Joey.

Here is the lyrics and story behind the songs that appeared on the Demo. We wrote a number of songs after the Demo that were to the best of my knowledge never recorded and are lost to time. They included Justine, No Life No Future, The Trial, and Quick and the Dead. Most of them I can remember a little of the intro and the chorus but would be hard pressed to come up with the rest of it.

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The Have Nots Live

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When we did the reunion thing for Paul's birthday back on April 8th, 2016, I had Brad Millis record the set. He also recorded the set on 5/21. At some point, I might release this as a Live at Lefty's album. Who knows but in the meantime here is the currently line up, butchering Pennywise's Bro Hymm for Paul, Mike and Uncle Willy.

Paul's Birthday & The Have Nots return

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I've reformed the band with a different line up to play at Lefty's Live Music in Des Moines. This is a completely different line up of friends and family and the main objective is to play some of Paul's music on his birthday.

Friday April 8th, 2016

Lefty's Live Music(in the local of Safari and Hairy Mary's)

Des Moines Iowa

21 & Over

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Buy MP3s of the 1996 Demo on CD BabyiTunesGoogle Play and Amazon. This is the first digital release of this band's rare and long out of print 1996 Cassette Demo featuring David "DaVo" Wilkins on Vocals, Paul Gray (Slipknot) on Guitar, Joey Jordison (Slipknot/Murderdolls) on Guitar, Brian DuBay on Bass and Greg Welts (Mad Parade/Organized Crime/Slipknot/Rumble Seat Riot) on Drums.